mittyz™ for the kiddies


veyo mittyz are a new type of baby and toddler glove designed specifically to end the "thumb wars" and make playtime easy. The unique design makes them easy to slip on and fit perfectly around bulky coats. They stay on better and keep little fingers warmer, which means playtime lasts longer.


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New Styles


pull up

pull up

cinch up

cinch up



easy to wash toddler gloves?

Have you ever tried to flip your child's glove inside out to clean the ooie gooies? It can be a challenge. Problem solved! Veyo Mittyz turn inside out so you can pop 'em in the washer and dryer.  

 mittyz™ are awesome on the ski hill!

Not only do mittyz look fun, but they make the perfect ski or snowboard glove for the aspiring shredder in your life. Keeping little hands warm and dry for a full day of sliding over the snow!



How are veyo mittyz different from traditional kids mittens?

  • Huge gauntlet style mitten to fit over the bulkiest coat with elastic adjustable cinch to keep out snow.

  • Double pull wrist strap to keep the gloves on and buckle for quick easy removal.

  • No more fighting the thumb hole! With our EasyThumb design with thumb pocket, simply slide the glove on and the fingers are in the right place!

  • Easily turn them inside out to wash and dry gloves .

  • Soft all over! Not just one small place to wipe your nose, our whole mitten is soft. How is a two year old supposed to know where to wipe their nose? With our gloves it doesn't matter.

  • Extremely helpful for children with disabilities or special needs. Mittyz go on easy and stay on!

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