mittyz - The best toddler snow gloves.

Our mittyz gloves were created for parents like you, who find joy in playing with their kids in the outdoors. We hope that not only will your children enjoy wearing our gloves, but that you will feel inspired to create great memories with your family outdoors.

Where veyo started

I'm Drake, the founder of Veyo. With the arrival of my twins in April 2010, my life changed forever. I was excited, and nervous, and well…ok, I admit…terrified! However, I couldn’t wait to get my two new buddies out into the world to play!

And then reality hit.

First, you don’t do anything with kids under 6 months old except wrap them in things that are warm, or fuzzy, or cute. But eventually they crawl, and then they walk! Hallelujah! Now let’s get out and play!

Wait. Not as easy as I thought.

Kudos to every parent who has ever gotten a child ready to go play outside…and particularly in cold weather. I mean honestly—what goes on first? The coat and then the gloves? Or the gloves, so that the coat sleeves stay over the glove cuffs? 

And the thumb…seriously?! Why in the world won’t my kids’ wiggly little thumbs go into the thumbholes?! And is the liner supposed to come out with their thumb when they take it off, so that I can never get their thumb in there again?


Okay…I know what you’re thinking. I'm just a frazzled toddler parent rookie. That’s what I thought too. I thought maybe I just didn’t get the right gloves. So off I went to the local sporting goods store looking for some better toddler gloves. And then to another store, and another, and another. Then online. Searching, searching, and coming away with nothing but regrets for not paying attention to my mother’s sewing lessons. Because that’s what it finally came to: making gloves for my own kids.

Three years later, I had my first prototype. A “thumbless” glove that still allowed functionality with a thumb pocket, a big gauntlet to go over even the puffiest coat, and super warm and water-proof material that can be flipped inside-out to be dried or washed.

And so veyo mittyz began.

All because I couldn’t find gloves that were quick and easy to put on my twins so that they could get out and play in the snow.

mittyz are: the best toddler snow gloves!

  • Easy to put on and fit around kids' bulky coats

  • Stays on longer, which makes playtime last longer

  • Functional and fun designs make a great mitten

  • Flip inside-out for easy drying or cleaning

veyo founder Drake Munson - best toddler snow glove

Get out and play!

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