Mittyz Availability Update

Oh no! OUT OF STOCK, three words we all hate. Trust us we know, it’s no fun. We’ve worked hard to grow our small company with your help and support. Now, to be out of our popular sizes and styles…well…it really stinks.

We are currently sold out of Size Medium (ages 2-4) in all styles EXCEPT Skully, Snow Princess, and Flutter

We are working hard to have all sizes and styles back in November. *UPDATE: Our resupply of mittyz should arrive in our warehouse November 14th. If you’d like to be notified immediately when our mittyz are back in stock, please subscribe to our email list.

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Drake Munson

President of #getoutandplay

Teach Your Kids How to Ski

Volume 2: From Beginner to Intermediate Skier

Last year we wrote an article about "teaching your toddler to ski" if you're teaching an absolute beginner toddler to ski start with that article.  If you have a child who knows how to stop in a wedge (aka Pizza stop), can turn a little bit, and is comfortable on easy terrain as well as riding the chairlift this article is for you.  How do we get these kids off the bunny hill and skiing more intermediate terrain?  Here are some tips on how to do it!

  1. My first piece of advice from last years article still applies.  If you don't feel comfortable teaching your kids how to ski...Don't!  Every resort has an awesome ski school that will be fun for your children and takes the work and stress off your shoulders.  Because I taught skiing I know how great ski schools are and because I love to teach skiing I was excited to teach my kids on my own, but it's not for everyone.
  2. Make sure your children are confident and having fun on the easy (green circle) runs.  It's important that your children are "crushing it" on the easy runs, having fun, and excited to try new terrain.  There is no need to rush or force your kids to the more difficult terrain.
  3. It's really all about turns!  Let's face it kids hate turning, they'd much rather fly down the beginner slopes in a huge pizza to control their speed and only turn when something is in their way.  In order to be successful on more difficult terrain, they are going to need turns to control their speed.
  4. Teach the turn.  This is where it sounds likes it's going to be hard but isn't.  Teaching adults to turn is hard because they think about it too much, teaching kids to turn is much easier.
    1. Start teaching turns on the easy green runs, don't' wait until you're up on the more difficult runs to do it.  Even if your kids don't want to turn, use incentives like going to the bigger lifts and runs, offer candy etc.  
    2. Follow me!  Assuming you, Mom and Dad can make good round turns on green terrain "follow me: works great! 
    • "Ok follow me down this run making turns and we'll go to the big lift"
    • "If you can follow me and make 6 turns right behind me I have M & M's in my pocket for you"
    1. "Point your toes where you want's to goes" That's it.  That's all you need to say, and you'll have kids turning. Follow me and point your toes where you want to go.  Make sure you are making big round turns and your kid(s) are right behind you.  Turning in a wedge/pizza for both you and your kids at this point is fine.  Yes, YOU need to ski in a pizza too!  Set a good example.
    2. French Fries. If your child is making good smooth round turns have them make "French Fries" (skis go parrallel) when going across the hill.  You can even shout out "pizza" during the turn and then when going across the hill (traverse) "french fries."  Make sure you are doing the same so they can mimic your moves.  If your child can do a Pizza turn and then French Fries across the hill they are ready for the more difficult terrain.
  5. Once you arrive at the top of the more difficult terrain you've picked make sure your child follows you, and once again remember big round turns.  We're talking big snake like turns with lots of time spent traversing the hill to control speed.  

Other things hints and tips.

  • If your child has difficulty turning here are three things to look for:
    1. Are their skis tipped up on their edges? If your child is having a hard time turning or bringing their skis parrallel (french fries) keep an eye on the angle of their skis.  It's likely that one or even both of their skis are tipped up on their edges too much.  Have them keep their skis flatter by pointing their knees out (away from their body) this will help flatten the skis and they'll be easier to turn.  Tell them to "spread the peanut butter" with their skis, don't cut into it.
    2. Are they leaning back?  Lots of kids end up in the "back seat" with their weight over the backs of their skis.  Have them stand up tall and press on the front of their boots.  Tell them to pretend they have $100 bills in the front of their ski boots and they need to press against their boot so they don't blow away.  I've even been known to put my ski glove between a childs chin and their boot and have them press against it while they ski and tell them "Don't lose my glove"
    3. Last but not least do they have their weight on their down hill or outside ski? During a turn and after a turn (while traversing across the slope) most of a skiers weight should be on their downhill ski or as I tell kids the ski closest to the parking lot.  You can even point to your leg while you ski and say "push on this leg, now this leg, now this leg"  A simple game would be to play smash the bug and have kids step hard on their downhill ski on each turn.
  • After a few runs warming up and preparing on the easy runs and after a long run on the more difficult terrain it will be time for a break.  Don't push it with too many runs in a row even if the kids are into it.  You might even want to take a short snack break before you got up the more difficult terrain.
  • Skiing is fun!  Pack cookies, gummie bears, and hot cocoa, take the time to reward your children for good runs, turns, stops.  My 5 year old asks for "gummies" everytime we get on the chair.

Ok, I know that was a lot of information crammed in, sorry.  I tried to narrow it down to just hte key points I learned over the years teaching kids how to ski. I think with the above advice you'll be able to take your kids from the bunny hill to the intermediate slopes without too much effort.  As always please leave comments and questions below we'd love your feedback and tips and happy to answer questions as you have them.



#OPTOUTSIDE 2017 with Veyo Kids

With all the travel, eating, & stress over the Thanksgiving weekend getting outside isn't just something to do it should be required!  My family will be traveling from the mountains of Idaho to the relative hustle and bustle of Salt Lake City.  Going from a town of just a few thousand people to the Wasatch Front is quite the culture shock.  Getting outside every day during our trip will be an important part of having fun, staying sane, and making sure our trip is something we will remember for years to come.  

Brainstorm in Advance

The weather and season conditions can vary widely wherever you are headed or if you are staying home.  This year our plan was to go skiing at least one day while in Utah but it's not looking like current conditions are going to allow for that, so we're brainstorming other ideas; hiking, running, maybe even some biking or skateboarding will be in order with temperatures forecasted to be in the 60's.  Brainstorm a list of possible outdoor activities and be ready to switch it up if needed.

Get Everyone Involved - but make time for yourself

Because Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family it's important to plan activities that everyone can participate in.  It could be that game of touch football, a hike, or even just a stroll around the neighborhood.  When you reach your family time threshold it's time to #getoutandplay on your own.  For me getting outside is my therapy, if I can plan a 30-minute run or a quick morning cross-country ski I know I can survive whatever gets thrown at me.  Whatever it is you enjoy doing outside or to stay sane, plan on incorporating it into your vacation.

Pack it!

Sure you're going to be loading up skis for a ski trip but like this coming week with warm weather it's good to remain versatile and I like to pack toys that are great outside and good for hours of play.  It might be sleds, footballs, frisbees, scooters, skateboards and if you have room bring them! A quick trip to the park with the frisbee is fun for all ages right?  With all the toys don't forget the right clothes as well; rain or snow gear, good shoes etc.

Have fun

Don't forget the holidays are a time to take a break from work, put the phone down, live in the moment and HAVE FUN!

Winter Giveaway MADNESS

Thanksgiving week is upon us.  Before family arrives or before you head out the door to Grandma's house we wanted to share the links to all the AMAZING giveaways going on right now.  Literally, thousands of dollars in prizes and $$$ are up for grabs in the coming weeks so take a few minutes to sign up and share!

Cool Kids Giveaway - Sponsored by Veyo Kids

This is the big one, if you're only going to sign up for one giveaway...this is it.  We've partnered with 27 other AMAZING kids brands, they are each giving away a prize plus we are giving away 2 $250 Visa Gift cards one for you and one for a friend!  Sign up to win now through Dec. 13th, the winner will be announced on social media (make sure you follow us on Facebook & Instagram) Dec. 14th. 

Holly Jolly Sweepstakes - Sponsored by I See Me! Books

Over $1500 in prizes to the winner and $750 to the runner up. Prizes from all your favorite kids brands including Veyo Kids plus $100 Visa Gift Card are up for grabs.  Ends 12/15/17

Go Adventure Mom - 40 Days of Giveaways!


40 companies with a giveaway announced every day on the Go Adventure Mom Facebook page.  We'll be giving away 3 pairs of mittyz on Monday, November 28th.

Tales of a Mountain Mama Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway

12 Days of Giveaways kickoff on Nov. 27th featuring multiple products per day.  Including prizes from WOOM, KEEN, REI and many more.  The Veyo Kids giveaway will be Dec. 1st.  I'll post a sign up link when it goes live but you can follow Tales of a Mountain Mama here and hit the link below to check out their gift guide.

A Tribute to our Favorite Winter Sled - ZIPFY

In our house we take our sledding seriously it's only Nov. 7th and we've already been sledding twice.  We are fortunate to get a lot of snow in the Tetons and our house is just a short drive from Grand Targhee Ski Resort which is blessed with 500" of snow each winter.  We've also been known to hike local trails and sled back to the car as well as local snowmobile hill climbs.  We even have two kicksleds for cruising around the neighborhood.  Our love for sledding is due in no small part to our favorite winter sled the ZIPFY (Zip-fee).  

Zipfy Red

What's so special about the Zipfy?  Well lets dig into it.

  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to steer, Yes you can turn!
  • Slow down or stop just by pulling back on the handle.
  • Super durable
  • It's fast
  • Fun for all ages

When we show up at a sledding hill we enevitably end up loaning out our Zipfy's to other people who's sleds aren't as fun or fast.  We now own 3 of them and I've sort of become a local ambassador for them.  They are pricey for a winter sled, right now on they are $48.99, but I've been buying 1 a year for the past couple years and slowly growing our fleet.

Do you have a favorite sled?  Think you can top the Zify? We'd love to hear about it, add a comment below.

Check out this video of my son on one of our favorite hills here in Teton Valley.



Really Waterproof?

Are our mittyz Kids Mittens Really Waterproof?

It's not easy to make a truly waterproof kids mitten, we should know we've been perfecting it for several years now.  Our founder, Drake, has been obsessed with creating a waterproof toddler glove. After buying glove after glove for his twins only to be continually disappointed, Drake set off on his own to tackle this problem.

Take a look at the below video as Drake walks us through many of the features that make mittyz unique including their waterproofness.  

So you made the best Kids Mitten, but will my child really be able to pick things up?

Will my child really be able to pick stuff up?  

This is the question we get asked the most, and we're not going to make you read the entire blog post to get the answer...YES!...your child will have the same dexterity with our mittyz as they would with traditional kids mittens.  Think about how well can your toddler can pick stuff up with the mittens they have now?

Our founder, Drake, used to joke with me when he was creating prototypes in his basement, "I just want a warm waterproof bag to put my kids' hands in." He was mostly kidding but when his twins were just 6-10 months old they couldn't do much with their hands anyway no matter what type of kids gloves or mittens they are wearing. 

In the end, after much testing, we patented our EasyThumb shape that allows children to pick up nearly anything they want. When my daughter was little I used to test the various prototypes Drake sent me.  I'd throw her toys on the floor, shovel in the snow etc. and say "Penelope can you bring that to me?"  It was amazing to see how the mittyz didn't slow her down at all.  She's also able to hold on to swings, sleds, ropes, & chairlifts.  So far, the only thing she hasn't been able to do in her mittyz are the monkey bars but she can't do those in mittens either.

You don't have to take our word for it, here's an actual Q & A from our page.

Q: Is this mitten difficult for kids to hold and pick up things?

A: My grandson uses these for skiing playing in the snow.  He is 4 years old. He can grab the sled rope, (and) make snowballs...

A: I imagine it might feel a little bit like wearing oven mitts but I think they figure it out.  My preschooler hasn't complained and doesn't seem to have trouble.

It looks like I'm about to get it!

It looks like I'm about to get it!

Penelope hitching a ride from Grandpa

Penelope hitching a ride from Grandpa

How to keep mittens on a Toddler

Keeping Mittens on a Toddler

"The struggle is real" it's an often used phrase on social media and it's what launched this company...struggle.  Kid gloves are hard to get on and sometimes even harder to keep on.  We all know that playtime lasts longer when little fingers are warm so here's some reasons why Mittyz by Veyo Kids STAY ON!

1. Mittens should go OVER a coat not under.  

This was a big deal for us in the design of our Mittyz...every coat sleeve is different why try to design a glove around a coat sleeve when we could design a mitten that worked with every coat.  By designing our kids mittens to go over a coat we ensured you have full control of keeping the mittens on your child.

2. Cinch em down.  

Most kids gloves come with a cinch strap but the key to keeping mittens on a toddler is having good, well located cinch straps Yeah as in more than one).  Our Mittyz come with one dual pull wrist strap as well as a bungee cinch cuff.  Mittzy are staying on and they keep the snow out.

3. Kids gloves your kids actually want to wear. 

Walk into your favorite ski shop or kids store and you see a sea of black mittens, maybe some pink or blue but overall how boring. Our Mittyz are designed not only to be functional but also FUN!  We here stories all the time of kids not wanting to take them off even when they come inside. (now that makes us happy)

Have some other great ideas on how to keep mittens on young children?  Leave us a comment below we'd love to hear about them.


Stay on mitten

Awesome kids products Spring 2017

Being a small startup in the world or unique children's products we get the opportunity to come across a lot of fun kids products from other startups like us.  It's really fun to be a part of this world and it's an amazing time for innovation.  It is a great time to be a parent with all the new products coming on the market to make parenting easier.  Here's a few awesome kids products for Spring.

Jet Kids Bed Box

It's a suitcase, it's a scooter, it's a there anything it can't do? We get a lot of requests to make our Mittyz in adult sizes but man I bet man, if this little piece of wonder would just work for adults!  


 The Mighty Mug

This one may be more for the adults than the kids, but let's face it kids spill stuff. My sister in law needed this just this morning, she spilled her coffee all over the inside of her brand new Ford F-150...frowny face.  End the spills and paranoia with the mighty mug.  Available in lots of styles from a pint glass to the full insulated travel mug there's a might mug for everyone.

The Munch Mitt  

Dang, we should have thought of this.  Oh well at least somebody did.  This teething device is especially awesome because what's the easiest and safest thing for a kid to put in their mouth anyway?...their hand! 


The Green Glove Drier

Depending on the climate where you are your glove drying season may be over, or maybe not.  The Green Glove Drier easily fits over any heat vent to dry gloves quickly and efficiently from your home furnace.  We'll be testing it on Mittyz for sure!  Works great for boots too.

How to Make a Waterproof Kids Mitten

It's not as easy as it sounds to make waterproof mittens for kids.  We not only wanted to "end the thumb wars" with our Mittyz but make a warm, waterproof mitten as well.  Just about every major accessories manufacturer claims they have a "waterproof" option but in our extensive testing and market research (and just being a parents!) we knew this just wasn't always the case.  It' pretty easy to tell when your child has wet hands especially when the inside of their gloves are soaked.

So how do you make a waterproof mitten?  Lots and lots of testing, excellent manufacturing techniques, and superior fabric choices.  We tested dozens of our first production samples, in the snow and on children, we held them under faucets, we filled them full of water.  Guess what?  Some of them were not keeping water out!  Through our testing we found that occasionally through a sewing error the waterproof/breathable membrane would be pierced by a sewing needle and just like that...not so waterproof.  We had to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better way to manufacture a children's glove, do it in a way that nobody else was.  So that's what we did.  The technique's we use to achieve this are expensive and found in only the highest levels of manufacturing, something most brands just aren't willing to do "just for a kids glove", but we are on a mission to bring you and your kids the best mitten possible.  

Top Tips for Teaching Your Toddler How to Ski

I bet you didn't know this but Veyo Kids is run by two Dads who met years ago while teaching skiing.  Yours truly Chris "Jigidy" Jensen and founder/CEO Drake Munson.  We've stayed best friends for years now and learned a lot of great tips on how to teach little ones how to ski both from teaching our owns kids how to ski but hundreds or other kids.  Here's our top tips for teaching your kids how to ski.

First, if you don't feel comfortable teaching your kids to ski, then don't.  Put them in a lesson with other kids their age and a professional ski instructor.  They will have a blast, learn a bunch, and you get to go skiing!

Ok, if you're still with me here's some tips to make the process smooth and fun

  1. Practice at home!  Before you even hit the slopes put the skis and boots on at home.  Let your little one walk around on the carpet and get used to the weight, balance, and just walking around.  Have them practice their "athletic stance" leaning forward with knees slightly bent.  You can also practice making "pizza" shapes to stop and "french fries" to go.  You'll be miles ahead if you spend just 20 minutes doing this at home.
  2. It's all about the pizza.  Kids love pizza and the pizza shape is how you stop.  But, it's not the only way to stop. Make sure you teach your kids the "emergency stop"  What's that? Fall down!  You want to teach your child that it's not ok to run into trees, signs, or people and to fall down if they are about to hit something.  A lot of time it's hard for kids to make a pizza shape and actually stop, here's where a few pointers come in.  Get a pair of tip clamps or "edgie wedgies" these little devices hold the tips or your child's skis together so if they push their feet apart they automatically make a pizza.  The next tip...knees apart.  It's hard to make a pizza unless your knees are apart.  Tell your child to imagine they are riding a horse or have a beach ball between their knees...but always leaning forward with knees slightly bent (athletic stance).  Pro tip: If you're a good skier and can ski backwards in front of your child then use a ski pole to gently guide, speed up or slow down your child by placing your ski pole tip on the tip clamps. Once your child can stop comfortably on their own take the tip clamps off so they don't get too dependent on it.
  3. No ropes or harnesses.  These things are just silly.  Have you seen them? Parents with elaborate harnesses strapped to their kids following them around and pulling on the leash.  There are two things very wrong with these. First if you pull on the leash to slow your child down you are pulling them into the "back seat" out of the athletic stance so they lose all control. Second, it's going to take your child a lot longer to learn how to ski if they aren't skiing on their own.  Lose the harness and let them learn how to ski.  I had both my kids skiing on their own when they were just two years old...they don't need your help.
  4. Dress warm!  Always better to dress warm and lose a layer or two than to have cold kiddos.  A good pair of wool socks and a pair of Mittyz go a long ways in keeping hands and fee warm.
  5. Lastly and most importantly, Make it Fun!  If it isn't fun your kids won't want to go so make it the best day ever.  Put candy in your pockets, stop for cookies and hot cocoa and as soon as they are having the most fun ever, it's time to go home.  Don't wait until they are tired and cold...leave on a high note.

With a bit of practice your little one's will be out skiing you!  Here's my 4 year old daughter on "Screaming Cheetah" at Grand Targhee, Wyoming.

Looking ahead

We get a lot of great suggestions from our customers and fans on what we should make next.  Our most requested item?  Adult sized Mittyz!  While we are just in our second winter of selling children's mittens, we've been developing and testing the concept behind Mittyz for over 5 years. Our mission here at Veyo Kids is to make it easier for parents and children to #getoutandplay, and while we may someday product larger Mittyz for adults that isn't going to be our next step.  Right now our founder Drake is working on a "Summer" product.   That's really all I can say about it right now.  After our summer product launches (hopefully this summer) we want to start working on a glove/mitten concept for children 6-12 years old.  

We are really excited to be expanding our product line in 2017 and are working hard to get new products out.  Stay tuned, 2017 is going to be tons of fun.



Get kids outside for better health!

Veyo Kids was started while our founder, Drake, was simply trying to get his two twins outside to play.  Drake grew up in Rigby Idaho where playing outside, no matter the weather was the norm.  He created Mittyz to fill that need both for parents and kids to make it easier and warmer for kids to put on mittens and #getoutandplay.

Now bear with me while I tie this all together.  I'm an avid runner and keep coming across articles about all the benefits running and exercise in general have not just on the body but the brain.  This got me thinking about kids these days and the benefits of not just exercise but simply playing outside.  After a few evenings of reading, here's a quick list of the many benefits just playing has for our children.

  1.  Reduces stress: Yeah even kids have stress and if you have stress and exercise you already know the drill here.
  2. Stimulates the imagination: For better or for worse we are all "stuck" in this age of technology and kids have so many entertainment opportunities they are losing their imagination.  Remember just playing "cops and robbers"?  Get those kids outside and away from the screen and see what they come up with.
  3. Vitamin D:  We all need Vitamin D and just 15 minutes out in the sun provides a daily dose to prevent bone problems, diabetes and even heart disease.
  4. Social Skills:  Getting kids outside for some "unstructured play" forces kids to just figure it out.  Interacting with friends, even strangers, or soon to be friends teaches kids how to act and interact with others.
  5. It's just plain fun.  All the benefits aside we all remember how much fun it was cruising around the neighborhood on a snow day right?  

That's enough screen time for me...time to #getoutandplay


Pink Tiger Mittyz sledding

No time to sit around!

Did you think we've just been sitting around, waiting for the snow to fly?  Heck no!  We've been busy testing our next round of the best kids mittens around...Mittyz version 2.0.  Thanks to all the awesome feedback from parents like you we've updated, tweeked, adjusted, cut up, and hacked our way to a better children's mitten.  

We've also been busy testing and prototyping some kids summer gear to make summer time play as easy as our Mittyz have made winter.  Stay tuned we hope to release these innovative new items in the Spring of next year.

What else have we been up to?  Well playing outside of course...camping, fishing, biking, hiking....ah summer #getoutandplay


5 Dad Tips for Easy Summertime Play!

Did you know Veyo Kids is operated by two Dads? Drake, the founder and President of #GETOUTANDPLAY and Chris, Vice President of #GETOUTANDPLAY.  The company's mission is to make it easier guessed it #GETOUTANDPLAY.  In that spirit here's a few tips from Chris to make it easier to get out and play this summer.

Living in the Mountains of Idaho our family is all about playing outside; skiing, biking, hiking, running, camping, fishing, you name it we like to be out doing stuff!  With the changing of the seasons I've been thinking a lot about what we do as a family to make it easy to get out and play.

  1. Bike racks and Pickup trucks:  I think you'll notice a theme with some of my ideas here.  A lot of them revolve around storage.  When you are a Dad you move a lot of gear and few things have made moving gear easier for me than my pickup truck and a good bike rack. I had a bit of a mid-life crisis a year ago and drove all the way across Idaho to trade in our Suburban for a 4 door long bed pickup.  It's huge and I love it.  With the 8 foot bed and topper there's isn't much I can't put back there and with a hitch rack on back (or the front) for the bikes loading and unloading is quick and easy.  Take a look at bike racks from Allen Sports we love ours!
  2. Leave one car out of the Garage for the Summer: This is one that I never thought I would be saying but while I love having a snow free vehicle all Winter, I've traded the truck for gear storage in the summer.  It's just too easy to leave the bikes, boats, shoes, fishing gear etc. in one side of the garage rather than try to keep it all put away.  Maybe I've "Given up" a little but it saves time and makes it easy to go when we are ready.
  3. Deck Box: Have you heard of these?  I hadn't and the first time I saw one I was like "I need that"  It's essentially a giant trunk made of wood or plastic, ours is big enough that I could get in it.  As the name implies our is on our deck and it's filled with kites, balls, rollerblades, golf clubs, frisbees, etc.  It's all in one place and keeps it all handy where you need it.
  4. A Camper: We call our camper "The Escape Pod".  We love to camp and for years were just fine tent camping but all the loading and unloading really took it's toll and my wife suggested that if we had a camper it would be so easy to just hook up and go.  We'd seen it with other families as well.  When you have all the pots, pans, sleeping bags, utensils etc. already in the camper you hook up, hit the grocery store and you are off.  A used pop up camper can be found on Craigslist for less than a few thousand dollars plus you'll have somewhere warm and dry to hangout if the weather doesn't cooperate.
  5. Block out those weekends: Ok I'll admit it, I'm not much of a planner but thankfully my wife is.  She knows how busy we are and how quickly those summertime weekends can go by.  Now we sit down months in advance and block out weekends on our shared Google "Family Calendar".  For years I tried to plan trips around the weather but now we plan trips and just go for it.  Knowing those camping weekends are coming up gives us something to look forward to and we've gotten out much more.


It's SALE time!

Wow what a fun Winter!  Thank you to everyone who purchased a pair of Mittyz this season.  The support and feedback has been fabulous.  We hope your winter has been more enjoyable with our Mittyz and we look forward to bringing more great ideas and products to you in the coming year.  

Until then we are having a huge sale! Grab a pair of Mittyz for a friend or gear up for next winter and enjoy our best pricing ever.  Click here to shop.


Helping ALL children get out and play!

When you launch a new company you learn something new every day.  Sometimes you learn something good and sometimes you learn something well, not as good.  The key is to just roll with it.  Thanks to the awesome parents we have as customers we learned something really good recently.

Not only are our Mittyz the best mittens for kids and parents love them but, it turns out they are also great for children with disabilities or special needs.  We didn't set out to create a winter glove for children with disabilities but as it turns out our design fills a need we didn't realize was out there. See we learned something good!

Since November we have received several emails, phone calls, and social media messages from parents whose children have disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, etc. These parents rave about how our mittens are the first that their child actually likes to wear, or the the first that actually stays on.  We have even had requests for adult pairs!

Here at Veyo Kids our mission has always been to help children "Get Out and Play" and it makes us really proud that we are helping ALL kids do just that!

Here's to a great winter.


Don't take our word for it!

Part of starting a new business and introducing a new product to the world is getting it into as many peoples "hands" as possible.  We started contacting folks clear back in August who might be interested in reviewing our Mittyz.  We needed help sharing our story and wanted real life experiences and feedback.  We might brag about how easy our Mittyz are to get on, take off, how nice and warm they keep kids fingers, but you don't have to take our word for it.  Here's a few great independent reviews of our kids gloves....Veyo Mittyz.

Why are Mittyz soft?

We had a great question from one of our recent customers.  She asked....

"We just purchased the Drago Mittyz for our son on Amazon a few weeks ago.  He has already worn them for sledding twice, snowshoeing twice, and numerous times helping Daddy shovel. They have kept his hands warm and dry so far.  My only question is: what's the deal with the's so different than a traditional children's glove?"

One of the first things we hear people say when they hold a pair of our Mittyz for the first time is "Wow these are the softest gloves I've ever felt"  but do you know why that is?  We made our children's mittens soft all over so that children could wipe runny noses wherever.  A lot of kid's mittens and toddler gloves feature a small soft patch on the wrist or thumb but how many kids "hit it"?  

So how do we keep the water out with such a soft exterior?  In two ways.  First our Mittyz are treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish to help water bead on the outside and second there is a waterproof and breathable liner sewn into the gloves.  

So three cheers for keeping the water out and noses clean!