Our start up story.

Not much changes your life more than having kids right?  What about two kids at the same time!  That's what happened to our founder Drake, twins, a boy and a girl.  Not only did this profoundly change his life but it launched a company....Veyo Kids.

When Drake's twins were old enough to "get out and play" he quickly became frustrated with how hard it was to get kids dressed and out the door, and then once they were out in the snow how quickly they got cold, or snow went up their sleeves or in their gloves.

"Kudos to every parent who has ever gotten a child ready to go play outside…and particularly in cold weather. I mean honestly—what goes on first? The coat and then the gloves? Or the gloves, so that the coat sleeves stay over the glove cuffs? " - Drake

Drake thought that maybe it was just him, maybe he bought the wrong gloves?  He scoured local stores and couldn't find what he wanted.  What's a guy to do?  Well Drake's a problem solver so he unearthed the sewing machine from the basement and went to work.  Dozens of prototypes and three years later we happy to introduce Mittyz.

Finally a mitten just for kids with innovative features to make sure they go on and stay on.

  • Oversized guantlet style cuff to make sure it fits over even the bulkiest coat
  • Waterproof, breathable, with sythetic insulation to keep little hands warm and dry
  • Well placed bungee cords and wrist straps to keep snow out and gloves on.
  • Exclusive EasyThumb design, no more searching for that pesky thumb hole.  Our thumbmless mitten design ends the "Thumb Wars"
  • Sewn in liner ensures the liner never gets pulled out
  • Reversible design for easy washing and drying, yeah they easily flip inside out.
  • Soft all over, let's face it kids wipe their noses.  Most gloves feature a small "snot patch" our gloves are soft all over, so kids can wipe wherever, whenever.
  • Super cute designs!  Kids gloves were due for a makeover right?  Let's have some fun



Veyo kids fishing