Why are Mittyz soft?

We had a great question from one of our recent customers.  She asked....

"We just purchased the Drago Mittyz for our son on Amazon a few weeks ago.  He has already worn them for sledding twice, snowshoeing twice, and numerous times helping Daddy shovel. They have kept his hands warm and dry so far.  My only question is: what's the deal with the material....it's so different than a traditional children's glove?"

One of the first things we hear people say when they hold a pair of our Mittyz for the first time is "Wow these are the softest gloves I've ever felt"  but do you know why that is?  We made our children's mittens soft all over so that children could wipe runny noses wherever.  A lot of kid's mittens and toddler gloves feature a small soft patch on the wrist or thumb but how many kids "hit it"?  

So how do we keep the water out with such a soft exterior?  In two ways.  First our Mittyz are treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish to help water bead on the outside and second there is a waterproof and breathable liner sewn into the gloves.  

So three cheers for keeping the water out and noses clean!