5 Dad Tips for Easy Summertime Play!

Did you know Veyo Kids is operated by two Dads? Drake, the founder and President of #GETOUTANDPLAY and Chris, Vice President of #GETOUTANDPLAY.  The company's mission is to make it easier to...you guessed it #GETOUTANDPLAY.  In that spirit here's a few tips from Chris to make it easier to get out and play this summer.

Living in the Mountains of Idaho our family is all about playing outside; skiing, biking, hiking, running, camping, fishing, you name it we like to be out doing stuff!  With the changing of the seasons I've been thinking a lot about what we do as a family to make it easy to get out and play.

  1. Bike racks and Pickup trucks:  I think you'll notice a theme with some of my ideas here.  A lot of them revolve around storage.  When you are a Dad you move a lot of gear and few things have made moving gear easier for me than my pickup truck and a good bike rack. I had a bit of a mid-life crisis a year ago and drove all the way across Idaho to trade in our Suburban for a 4 door long bed pickup.  It's huge and I love it.  With the 8 foot bed and topper there's isn't much I can't put back there and with a hitch rack on back (or the front) for the bikes loading and unloading is quick and easy.  Take a look at bike racks from Allen Sports we love ours!
  2. Leave one car out of the Garage for the Summer: This is one that I never thought I would be saying but while I love having a snow free vehicle all Winter, I've traded the truck for gear storage in the summer.  It's just too easy to leave the bikes, boats, shoes, fishing gear etc. in one side of the garage rather than try to keep it all put away.  Maybe I've "Given up" a little but it saves time and makes it easy to go when we are ready.
  3. Deck Box: Have you heard of these?  I hadn't and the first time I saw one I was like "I need that"  It's essentially a giant trunk made of wood or plastic, ours is big enough that I could get in it.  As the name implies our is on our deck and it's filled with kites, balls, rollerblades, golf clubs, frisbees, etc.  It's all in one place and keeps it all handy where you need it.
  4. A Camper: We call our camper "The Escape Pod".  We love to camp and for years were just fine tent camping but all the loading and unloading really took it's toll and my wife suggested that if we had a camper it would be so easy to just hook up and go.  We'd seen it with other families as well.  When you have all the pots, pans, sleeping bags, utensils etc. already in the camper you hook up, hit the grocery store and you are off.  A used pop up camper can be found on Craigslist for less than a few thousand dollars plus you'll have somewhere warm and dry to hangout if the weather doesn't cooperate.
  5. Block out those weekends: Ok I'll admit it, I'm not much of a planner but thankfully my wife is.  She knows how busy we are and how quickly those summertime weekends can go by.  Now we sit down months in advance and block out weekends on our shared Google "Family Calendar".  For years I tried to plan trips around the weather but now we plan trips and just go for it.  Knowing those camping weekends are coming up gives us something to look forward to and we've gotten out much more.