Get kids outside for better health!

Veyo Kids was started while our founder, Drake, was simply trying to get his two twins outside to play.  Drake grew up in Rigby Idaho where playing outside, no matter the weather was the norm.  He created Mittyz to fill that need both for parents and kids to make it easier and warmer for kids to put on mittens and #getoutandplay.

Now bear with me while I tie this all together.  I'm an avid runner and keep coming across articles about all the benefits running and exercise in general have not just on the body but the brain.  This got me thinking about kids these days and the benefits of not just exercise but simply playing outside.  After a few evenings of reading, here's a quick list of the many benefits just playing has for our children.

  1.  Reduces stress: Yeah even kids have stress and if you have stress and exercise you already know the drill here.
  2. Stimulates the imagination: For better or for worse we are all "stuck" in this age of technology and kids have so many entertainment opportunities they are losing their imagination.  Remember just playing "cops and robbers"?  Get those kids outside and away from the screen and see what they come up with.
  3. Vitamin D:  We all need Vitamin D and just 15 minutes out in the sun provides a daily dose to prevent bone problems, diabetes and even heart disease.
  4. Social Skills:  Getting kids outside for some "unstructured play" forces kids to just figure it out.  Interacting with friends, even strangers, or soon to be friends teaches kids how to act and interact with others.
  5. It's just plain fun.  All the benefits aside we all remember how much fun it was cruising around the neighborhood on a snow day right?  

That's enough screen time for me...time to #getoutandplay


Pink Tiger Mittyz sledding