Looking ahead

We get a lot of great suggestions from our customers and fans on what we should make next.  Our most requested item?  Adult sized Mittyz!  While we are just in our second winter of selling children's mittens, we've been developing and testing the concept behind Mittyz for over 5 years. Our mission here at Veyo Kids is to make it easier for parents and children to #getoutandplay, and while we may someday product larger Mittyz for adults that isn't going to be our next step.  Right now our founder Drake is working on a "Summer" product.   That's really all I can say about it right now.  After our summer product launches (hopefully this summer) we want to start working on a glove/mitten concept for children 6-12 years old.  

We are really excited to be expanding our product line in 2017 and are working hard to get new products out.  Stay tuned, 2017 is going to be tons of fun.