#OPTOUTSIDE 2017 with Veyo Kids

With all the travel, eating, & stress over the Thanksgiving weekend getting outside isn't just something to do it should be required!  My family will be traveling from the mountains of Idaho to the relative hustle and bustle of Salt Lake City.  Going from a town of just a few thousand people to the Wasatch Front is quite the culture shock.  Getting outside every day during our trip will be an important part of having fun, staying sane, and making sure our trip is something we will remember for years to come.  

Brainstorm in Advance

The weather and season conditions can vary widely wherever you are headed or if you are staying home.  This year our plan was to go skiing at least one day while in Utah but it's not looking like current conditions are going to allow for that, so we're brainstorming other ideas; hiking, running, maybe even some biking or skateboarding will be in order with temperatures forecasted to be in the 60's.  Brainstorm a list of possible outdoor activities and be ready to switch it up if needed.

Get Everyone Involved - but make time for yourself

Because Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family it's important to plan activities that everyone can participate in.  It could be that game of touch football, a hike, or even just a stroll around the neighborhood.  When you reach your family time threshold it's time to #getoutandplay on your own.  For me getting outside is my therapy, if I can plan a 30-minute run or a quick morning cross-country ski I know I can survive whatever gets thrown at me.  Whatever it is you enjoy doing outside or to stay sane, plan on incorporating it into your vacation.

Pack it!

Sure you're going to be loading up skis for a ski trip but like this coming week with warm weather it's good to remain versatile and I like to pack toys that are great outside and good for hours of play.  It might be sleds, footballs, frisbees, scooters, skateboards and if you have room bring them! A quick trip to the park with the frisbee is fun for all ages right?  With all the toys don't forget the right clothes as well; rain or snow gear, good shoes etc.

Have fun

Don't forget the holidays are a time to take a break from work, put the phone down, live in the moment and HAVE FUN!