A Tribute to our Favorite Winter Sled - ZIPFY

In our house we take our sledding seriously it's only Nov. 7th and we've already been sledding twice.  We are fortunate to get a lot of snow in the Tetons and our house is just a short drive from Grand Targhee Ski Resort which is blessed with 500" of snow each winter.  We've also been known to hike local trails and sled back to the car as well as local snowmobile hill climbs.  We even have two kicksleds for cruising around the neighborhood.  Our love for sledding is due in no small part to our favorite winter sled the ZIPFY (Zip-fee).  

Zipfy Red

What's so special about the Zipfy?  Well lets dig into it.

  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to steer, Yes you can turn!
  • Slow down or stop just by pulling back on the handle.
  • Super durable
  • It's fast
  • Fun for all ages

When we show up at a sledding hill we enevitably end up loaning out our Zipfy's to other people who's sleds aren't as fun or fast.  We now own 3 of them and I've sort of become a local ambassador for them.  They are pricey for a winter sled, right now on Amazon.com they are $48.99, but I've been buying 1 a year for the past couple years and slowly growing our fleet.

Do you have a favorite sled?  Think you can top the Zify? We'd love to hear about it, add a comment below.

Check out this video of my son on one of our favorite hills here in Teton Valley.