How to keep mittens on a Toddler

Keeping Mittens on a Toddler

"The struggle is real" it's an often used phrase on social media and it's what launched this company...struggle.  Kid gloves are hard to get on and sometimes even harder to keep on.  We all know that playtime lasts longer when little fingers are warm so here's some reasons why Mittyz by Veyo Kids STAY ON!

1. Mittens should go OVER a coat not under.  

This was a big deal for us in the design of our Mittyz...every coat sleeve is different why try to design a glove around a coat sleeve when we could design a mitten that worked with every coat.  By designing our kids mittens to go over a coat we ensured you have full control of keeping the mittens on your child.

2. Cinch em down.  

Most kids gloves come with a cinch strap but the key to keeping mittens on a toddler is having good, well located cinch straps Yeah as in more than one).  Our Mittyz come with one dual pull wrist strap as well as a bungee cinch cuff.  Mittzy are staying on and they keep the snow out.

3. Kids gloves your kids actually want to wear. 

Walk into your favorite ski shop or kids store and you see a sea of black mittens, maybe some pink or blue but overall how boring. Our Mittyz are designed not only to be functional but also FUN!  We here stories all the time of kids not wanting to take them off even when they come inside. (now that makes us happy)

Have some other great ideas on how to keep mittens on young children?  Leave us a comment below we'd love to hear about them.


Stay on mitten