Awesome kids products Spring 2017

Being a small startup in the world or unique children's products we get the opportunity to come across a lot of fun kids products from other startups like us.  It's really fun to be a part of this world and it's an amazing time for innovation.  It is a great time to be a parent with all the new products coming on the market to make parenting easier.  Here's a few awesome kids products for Spring.

Jet Kids Bed Box

It's a suitcase, it's a scooter, it's a there anything it can't do? We get a lot of requests to make our Mittyz in adult sizes but man I bet man, if this little piece of wonder would just work for adults!  


 The Mighty Mug

This one may be more for the adults than the kids, but let's face it kids spill stuff. My sister in law needed this just this morning, she spilled her coffee all over the inside of her brand new Ford F-150...frowny face.  End the spills and paranoia with the mighty mug.  Available in lots of styles from a pint glass to the full insulated travel mug there's a might mug for everyone.

The Munch Mitt  

Dang, we should have thought of this.  Oh well at least somebody did.  This teething device is especially awesome because what's the easiest and safest thing for a kid to put in their mouth anyway?...their hand! 


The Green Glove Drier

Depending on the climate where you are your glove drying season may be over, or maybe not.  The Green Glove Drier easily fits over any heat vent to dry gloves quickly and efficiently from your home furnace.  We'll be testing it on Mittyz for sure!  Works great for boots too.

Looking ahead

We get a lot of great suggestions from our customers and fans on what we should make next.  Our most requested item?  Adult sized Mittyz!  While we are just in our second winter of selling children's mittens, we've been developing and testing the concept behind Mittyz for over 5 years. Our mission here at Veyo Kids is to make it easier for parents and children to #getoutandplay, and while we may someday product larger Mittyz for adults that isn't going to be our next step.  Right now our founder Drake is working on a "Summer" product.   That's really all I can say about it right now.  After our summer product launches (hopefully this summer) we want to start working on a glove/mitten concept for children 6-12 years old.  

We are really excited to be expanding our product line in 2017 and are working hard to get new products out.  Stay tuned, 2017 is going to be tons of fun.



No time to sit around!

Did you think we've just been sitting around, waiting for the snow to fly?  Heck no!  We've been busy testing our next round of the best kids mittens around...Mittyz version 2.0.  Thanks to all the awesome feedback from parents like you we've updated, tweeked, adjusted, cut up, and hacked our way to a better children's mitten.  

We've also been busy testing and prototyping some kids summer gear to make summer time play as easy as our Mittyz have made winter.  Stay tuned we hope to release these innovative new items in the Spring of next year.

What else have we been up to?  Well playing outside of course...camping, fishing, biking, hiking....ah summer #getoutandplay